What to Put Inside Gift Hampers for a Newborn Baby

Whether you are bringing a gift hamper to a shower party or taking one to the home of a friend who just had a baby, what you put inside is more important than how the hamper looks on the outside. If you look at gift hampers for newborn baby being sold online, you will notice that a lot of the items in them are not necessarily for an infant. Some of these have baby bowls and spoons, which the baby won’t need until they are around 4 to 6 months old. Others have books and toys that they cannot play with or use until they are older.

So what do you put inside gift hampers for a newborn baby? Here are some ideas that you can consider:

  • First Week Supplies – Most first-time moms don’t know how many of an item their infant will need. For example, diapers can run out even before the week is over. The same goes for wet wipes and other basics that an infant needs a lot of. You can create a basket filled with all the necessary supplies a newborn will use so the new mom doesn’t have to worry that she does not have enough of it for her first week or two.
  • Mommy Care Supplies –Some people forget that moms who just gave birth also need a lot of love and care after such an ordeal. Giving birth, after all, is no walk in the park. Show mommy that you know she needs pampering by putting together a mommy care basket for her along with one for baby. Add lotion, cologne, some breast pads, creams, and other items you know she will appreciate as she recuperates. Chocolates and other treats are also a great addition to such a basket.
  • Pillows, Blankets, Onesies, and Bibs – You can also choose to put together a hamper that has the basic clothing and cloth items that a newborn will need. Socks, footsies, onesies, and bibs can be added to this gift. Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, soft blankets, and hypoallergenic pillows are also great additions to this gift.

When you decide to give a friend a gift hamper after giving birth, you can choose to purchase ready-made ones you can find online or you can put together your own hampers for them. The latter can be more personal and can include items you know they love and will enjoy. For example, if your friend likes a particular type of sweet or chocolate and they’ve been avoiding eating it while pregnant, you can add these to the hamper as a surprise for them.

You can also consider adding novelty stuff that you are sure they will get a laugh out of like funny new mommy books and even a bottle of wine that is labeled “Open only when no longer breastfeeding.” Personal touches can make an otherwise impersonal hamper that you buy online into a special gift that they know you’ve put a lot of thought into.

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