How To Use Tech To Save Money Every Day



If you’re spending full price for more than 50 percent of your regular purchases these days you are doing something wrong. There are so many ways to save that it doesn’t make sense to ever spend full price on any one complete purchase. Sure, there will be some items in your cart (online or off) that will be regular price, but more than half of them could be discounted in some way.

For people living on a fixed income, whether it’s an annuity you’re getting paid over a period of time, social security income, or for those of you actually working a regular full time, saving money on shopping is a good thing. It may help you save a little or a lot, but it helps you save, nonetheless. And, this is how you can do it.

Sign Up For Rewards Programs

Even if you never set foot in an actual store, if the places you frequently buy from offer some sort of rewards program, sign up for it. When it comes to ones through your grocery store it may give you a more tech savvy way to clip coupons, adding them right to your card from the store’s website.

Not only that, but many of these card programs let you gain points for every dollar spent which can then be used for extra money off future purchases.

Get Cards With Cash Back Options

Credit cards are a major part of tech today since they allow you to do your online shopping with ease. Opt for cards that give you points or cash back on certain shopping ventures. Some will give you cashback on gas purchases, others on groceries. Pick ones that work well with your shopping habits.

Shop Online

Do some online shopping if you really want to save some money. Not only does it let you check out many stores at once, but it also saves you on wear and tear on your vehicle, and on gas money.You can find great deals online at different times, especially during cyber week (usually before or after Black Friday sales, depending on the store).

Download The Right Apps

Turn your phone into a clever shopping device and you’ll never have to worry about missing a deal again. If you shop online a lot your favorite places can text you or email you when they have great sales going on, or new coupons and deals.

You can download apps for places to shop like eBay and Etsy. You can also download apps that have coupons and other shopping deals available for any store your heart desires (almost). These apps are great for saving money in store and online, as well as at restaurants.

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