Top Home Heating Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

If you are about to install a heating system in your home, you should weigh up the options carefully. The installation will be expensive, and you will have to live with a mistake for a long time.

Before you install a system, I advise you to check the insulation in the building. There are schemes that will help you pay for improvements. Indeed, in the UK it is possible to get free loft insulation if you know where to look. It will help you keep the running costs of your new heating system to a minimum.

We are going to investigate the three most popular heating choices today. It will clear the fog from the subject, and you can make an objective choice on which one is best for you. You will see that each system has advantages, so your decision might still be a difficult one even when you have the facts.

Electric Night Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have been around for many years, and almost everybody has heard of the Economy 7 tariff. It gives you cheap electricity for seven hours overnight when the demand by industry drops. The heaters are full of thermal bricks with heating elements running through them. During the off-peak hours, the elements make the bricks hot. They are difficult to control, and you must guess what the weather is going to be like the next day. It is common for the heaters to go cold in the evenings leaving your home feeling chilly. Ignore the hype; these heaters are expensive to run and inefficient. They are a solution to a building without a gas supply, but I would choose an oil-fired system first.

Oil Fired Central Heating

You must take delivery of, and store the heating oil for this system. I think it is the best of the three because you have a finite amount of fuel, and the challenge is to make it last as long as you can. People look for ways to reduce consumption without affecting their comfort levels, and that has to be a positive thing. It works from a single boiler that heats the water for the radiators and the taps. You control the room temperature with a thermostat, just the same as a gas system.

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Gas Central Heating

A gas system is almost identical to the oil-fired one. It comprises a gas boiler, radiators, and a thermostat to maintain the temperature. The gas comes into the building from the mains, so it is easy to use more than you should, and run up a sizeable bill. Having said that, it is a convenient option and far superior to storage heaters, in my opinion.

There is an option that runs on bottled gas. Just as with the oil, you buy it in advance and can make it last by economising.

Those are the options available for your home. As you can tell, I am no fan of electric storage heaters; they should be the last choice. Oil and gas systems are far superior and cost less to run. The supply for the building is also more reliable than electricity too. Homes can suffer blackouts for weeks on end, but if you buy a small generator, you can use it to power heating systems that run on gas or oil. It could even save your life during a harsh winter. I hope I have cleared that matter for you and that you can now make an educated decision. I wish you well with the new system.

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