Things To Think About When Buying Land

Although buying land for sale may be the first step you need to take towards building your dream home, there are some important things you need to consider when looking at each property. 

The Location

Before you even consider hiring the services of a professional to find and look at land with, you need to decide between you and your family what you want from a location.  Consider your budget, the schools and activities in the area and whether you want a very rural location that offers you privacy.  Also think about whether you want land that has already been developed on or if you don’t mind spending time and money developing it properly.  These are all important considerations you should make when choosing a location you want to find land in.

Can You Build On The Land?

The majority of land lots may look like they are suitable for building on, but you need to actually find out how much can be built on.  Once you have looked into this you will be able to decide whether the portion of specific land that can be developed on is big enough for you to build your home on.  You also need to consider the soil and topography of land that you look at as areas with poor soil can affect the cost of construction and the concrete footing size.

What Permits Are Required

Another thing you need to be aware of when buying land is the types of permits that you need in that particular area before you can build on it.  While some places have very few requirements when it comes to permitting building projects, other places have more complex requirements and you need to have lots of different permits.

Roads And Utilities

Before you sign on the dotted line and buy and lot of land, you need to make sure you are aware of all the utilities that have been brought there.  What you find with many undeveloped areas of land is that there are very few, and sometimes none, utilities connected to the land.  When you buy land that has no utilities, you are responsible for the effort and cost of bringing them to that land.  This includes any of the following – cable, telephone, gas, water and electricity.

Another aspect of undeveloped land that you need totake into consideration is that you may have to build your own private driveway or road from the main public road to the land.  You also have to look into whether or not you will be responsible for maintaining it or if you can even access the main public road.

The Costs

Once you have found a land lot that you are interested in buying, calculate the costs involved with developing it before you make an offer.  Be sure that you know all the facts and figures inside out before signing any contract, because if you did it blindly you may end up buying a good piece of land that needs more work done on it than you can actually afford.

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