The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Valentine’s Day Presents That Say I Love You

For the cynics out there or those looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that has some extra depth we’re going to show you some gift ideas that carry some extra meaning and benefit some worthy causes. There are a myriad of fabulous presents whose proceeds go to charity and places to buy from who will give to a charity of your choice. So if you’re worried about buying frivolous gifts that may only last a day or go unused, these suggestions are for you!

1. Whatever Valentine’s Day ideas for gifts you may have you could buy it through the Give as you Live website. Give as you Live works with 3,061 leading stores that have volunteered to donate a commission on every online purchase to the charity of your choice at no extra cost to you. Letting your loved one know about this can show that extra thought that has gone into buying their gift.

2. The Obligato necklace ($50) from Diana Warner is a beautiful design featuring two hand-hammered gold and silver ovals on a delicate, sterling silver chain. Each necklace purchased helps provide clean water for 10 people in Africa each year. The provision of clean water is vital for survival and for the prevention of many avoidable diseases. Your girlfriend will always be reminded that this gift has had a far-reaching impact when wearing it.

3. Buying flowers can sometimes feeling like a frivolous Valentine’s Day idea since they’ll need to be thrown away after a week. However, the Flowers for Good range from Organic Bouquet donates 5% of the purchase price to an individual charity. The bouquets are displayed online alongside the logo of the charity their purchase will support so you can choose the flowers based on which charity you’d like to donate to. This classic, romantic gift will no longer seem like a short-term token of your love!

4. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic meal, why not buy your accompanying wine from OneHope? So far they’ve donated over $1 million to their not-for-profit partners. Depending on which wine you buy you’ll donate half the profits to a different charity. Choose the 2011 California Pinot Noir and you’ll fund pet adoptions or choose the 2011 California Zinfandel and support the troops! It’s up to you.

5. For a simple and budget friendly Valentine’s gift for a poker lover why not buy your partner a lovely deck of cards from theory11 for just $5. 100% of the proceeds from this purchase will go towards Charity: water who invest money in organisations that build sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world.

In addition to all these ideas, you could shop around and visit the online stores of some larger charities who will often run a range of gifts for Valentine’s Day or even visit their shops on the high street. Whatever you choose for your beloved we hope we’ve demonstrated how a token of your affection can be bought in a way that benefits people in all corners of the world, lending the gift more depth and thoughtfulness that your partner will love!

Jess Savage has extensive experience working for the gift section in department stores. She enjoys watching the changing gifting trends over the years and her articles mainly appear in lifestyle blogs.















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