How to Spend Money in the Right Place to Achieve Your Aspirations



Everybody has a dream; something that they want to be accomplished for their life. People are born dreamers. As a child, you spent your days playing make-believe. You dreamt up life stories for barbies, or you played house, or you spend the days exploring the great outdoors pretending you had superpowers. At what age does the dreamer part of the brain shut down? At what age does society tell an individual that reality only looks like a business suit and longs days at the office?

There are many reasons a person stops dreaming. First and foremost, the reason is due to money. If a child wants to become an artist, a parent and the school systems will tell that child that that career path is filled with hardship and that they’ll never make a living. They’re going to have to be okay with being a starving artist. Why has this been accepted as the norm in society? Dreamers change the world, and if the primary reason people stop dreaming is because they’re not going to be able to live the “American Dream”, then something needs to change.

Even though society is trending towards business and the math based and science based careers are thought to be the only paths with any legitimacy, here are ways you can personally spend your own money in the right places to make your aspirations and count for something:

Buy the Tools that Will Take You to the Top

In many career fields, there are technological instruments that really give people the leg up in the game. If a person doesn’t have the money to buy those instruments, they’re left behind. The same can be said for hobbies. If you want to make your money count so that you can start achieving your dreams and you can move forward in a career path, throw money to the wind when it comes to the tools that will take you to the top.

A hunter needs a rifle scope that is going to assist him in getting the kill. A photographer needs a lens that is competitive with the market, and a musician needs to be able to play an instrument that is in good enough shape to make good sound. Wherever you spend money, make sure you’re spending it where it counts. Part of that starts with tools.

Train With the Right People

If you’re not getting any formal training for your career path, you’re missing a very crucial step in the process. If you are getting training, you still might be missing a crucial step. Too many people don’t research the people they’re taking lessons and receiving information from and they end up wasting time and money and either not learning a skill at all, or learning it wrong. If you want your money to be well spent so that you can be successful, it is crucial that you train with the right people.

Don’t choose a subpar vocal teacher because they’re cheap. Don’t choose a swim coach if you’re not sure they’re formally trained in proper form and have a knack for passing on everything they know in a way that’s applicable. Other than getting the tools, getting the ultimate tool, a mentor, is the most important thing you can do.

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