The Secrets to Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

Moving into a new house can mean big changes for your furniture. You might be moving into a smaller or house and end up with too much or too little furniture. Or you could be moving with no furniture at all and the entire house to fill. Furnishing a new house can be a costly venture – something you don’t want when you’ve just spent so much on the house itself. If you’re faced with having to fill a lot of space, don’t despair. You can furnish your whole home on a budget, and all you have to do is follow these simple tips to keep your costs down.

Buy Second-hand

Perhaps you’re feeling reluctant to buy furniture that’s anything, but shiny and new. But you don’t need to fear buying second-hand items. Although it might bring to mind things that nobody wants and furniture that’s falling apart, there are plenty of second-hand pieces in great condition. After all, antiques are technically second-hand, and they are usually tremendously well looked-after. Even if you find items that are a little worse for wear, you can restore them easily. There are lots of places you can look for second-hand items, including buying from charities, recycling schemes or even online auction sites, such as eBay.

Free Stuff

Even better than cheap second-hand furniture is free furniture. You’ll be astounded by what some people are willing to give away. There’s lots of furniture out there that’s in good condition but that people feel isn’t worth the effort of selling. Plus, people are often more kind-hearted than you think and would rather just pass something on to someone who needs it, instead of making a profit. When you’re trying to furnish a 6 bedroom detached house in Ayr, you can use all the help that you can get. You can look for local recycling groups in several places; offline you can try community boards and newspapers. Online, try looking at Facebook groups, Craigslist and the Freecycle network.


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Cheaper Stores

Don’t be afraid to shop at cheaper stores. There are plenty of stores that sell furniture that will last you at least a few year and won’t cost you too much. You can replace cheaper furniture further down the line if you want to work your way up to something of higher quality. But it’s easier to do that piece by piece, once you’ve managed to get the whole house furnished. Stores that sell flat pack furniture, for example, are great for furnishing on a budget.

Shop the Sales

As with any other purchase, be sure to check out furniture sales. Sales are obviously easier to access during certain times of the year, particularly around and during the holidays. You can find some great bargains by looking at the sales. Don’t just look in furniture stores on the street. Check online too, so you can browse hundreds of sales at once. Don’t forget to take delivery costs into account when you’re ordering online.

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