Search Engine Optimization: Understanding Engines and Building Sites


If you’re interested in developing your own SEO blog, then you need to understand SEO content, types of SEO content, SEO content strategy.

Let’s get started, shall we?

SEO content

Let’s break the phrase into their components parts:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an approach of techniques, and strategies used to increase the visibility of web page or website by increasing the ranking placement within a search results page.

Content means any information or data that lives on the web. So SEO content is any content that’s created with the goal to attract the search engine traffic.

How to SEO your web content

Keyword research: It’s the best way to create traffic through search engines. Using this technique, one can be focused on keywords for which a certain amount search volume exits.

Keyword optimization: Always optimize your keywords. Know how to use and where to use the keywords for maximizing search ability in your content.

Content organization: Organize your site in a logical way that’s good for SEO as well as help visitors to find other relevant content easily.

Content promotion: Increase visibility for new content that you create by sharing it on social networking sites, while also building links to your content.

Types of SEO content

  • Product pages: This is the bread and butter for any retail e-commerce site. You can serve both SEO content and PPC landing page with a good product page.
  • Articles: The main kind of content you’ll find in newspapers, lifestyle websites, or magazine.
  • Blog posts: This is the easiest way of creating a regular stream of SEO content. These are more likely to engage and attract links than product pages.
  • Lists: Just a kind of article, but framing them appropriately makes it easier to skim through. It makes it more clickable when found in social media feeds and search results.
  • Infographics: They are more on the lines of large-format images that hold a lot of data in the form of charts or graphs that revolve around a single subject. It’s important to optimize the entire page, because too much content is implanted in the image that might not be readable as text by search engines.
  • Guides: This is a longer piece of content which is a step-by-step guide on how to tackle something in a systematic manner.
  • Slideshows: Sometimes, images are more important than text; slideshows are the next level and oftentimes, a better option to display a series of related images.
  • Glossaries: For specialized industry, glossaries can be a better way to capture search traffic.

How to develop an effective SEO content strategy

First, develop the goals as a business or website, and types of content you should focus on. If you’re trying to drive product sales, make your product pages more informative and attractive to have them optimized for conversions and search. If you run an advertising model, your goal should be to attract new readers through search.

If your business works for teens and tweens, you should focus on frequent updates with more videos, images, and lesser text. Also, make sure your site is optimized for mobile usage.

A good SEO blog includes all important and specific topics and also states how this information is useful for their SEO campaign. Have a look at these top SEO blogs of 2017:

HubSpot blog: It provides SEO news and analysis, and how to internet marketing blogs which help SEOs and marketers stay informed.

Moz blog: This is considered home to highly practical blogs. It provides very valuable information for SEO campaign.

Semrush.com blog: This place features several important topics, including different ways to optimize landing pages, keyword research tools, element of perfect backlink, and important factors that influence SEO.

Seo.com blog: This well-established online marketing company claims to provide a best digital marketing solution which includes PPC advertising, SEO services, social media marketing, and content marketing.

There was a time when you could survive on the internet space with basic SEO tricks that were sufficient to rank high in Google; times have changed since and good content is must. By doing some extra things you can maximize the friendliness of your SEO blog, which leads to more tweets, Facebook likes and shares, and attracting more visitors to your web pages or websites.

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