Be A Savvy Shopper: Tips On Furnishing Your Home On A Budget

Money is in short supply for many people at the moment, and it looks like it is set to remain that way for the foreseeable future. We are being forced to change our habits in many of the things we do and even in the way we think. Life is becoming a game of survival now, where we struggle to hang on to the things we have rather than splashing on luxury items we may have looked at when times were easier.

Furnishing a home to a decent standard with a very small budget is a difficult thing to do, but not impossible. If you find yourself in a new house or flat and are wondering how you can possibly fill it, read on. There are some useful tips here that will help you be a savvy shopper and make the most of your budget.


As a general rule, forget about going shopping. There are much better deals online where you can compare prices and items at your leisure. By shopping online, you avoid the risk of being pressured into buying items that are not suitable for you at this stage, by insistent salesmen.

So where can you shop online? Most companies have websites to showcase their products. It is easy to compare pine wardrobes at wardrobes.org.uk and many other online shops that have a vast range from which you can choose. Remember to check the delivery costs when buying from companies, most are fair but it is best to be sure before committing yourself.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are websites where lots of retailers sell their wares in specific categories. You all know the big market named after a certain South American rainforest that we will not name. These websites sell everything under the sun, and if the retailers are to be competitive, they take this form of marketing very seriously. You have a good level of protection when buying from online marketplaces, as they demand high quality customer services and guarantees before they will let anyone sell through them.

Internet Auctions

By far the best way  to outfit your home is with second hand goods, even better if these goods are acquired at a bargain basement price from an online auction. Again, you all know the site to which I refer. For under one hundred pounds you can conceivably full your home used stuff that is still good quality.

Car Boot Sales

Don’t be shy about bartering for goods at car boot sales. There are bargains there if you are confident in your approach to the sellers. If there is an item that your heart is set on, but the seller refuses to budge on the price, get them to deliver it to your home for free, but don’t pay them until it is in your possession. When dealing with car boot sales, craft fairs, or markets, nothing is set in stone, and everything is negotiable.

Your home may not be the palace that you would like to begin with, but by using throws on furniture, cheap artwork on the walls, and the clever use of table lamps, you will at least have a comfortable and pleasant base to work from in the future. The last piece of advice I will give you today is that you must buy a new mattress for the second hand bed. There is no need to explain why. Good luck.


Photograph courtesy of Mary Clark


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