How Long Will It Take to Receive My Federal Tax ID?


As a business owner, you’re most likely ready to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. One thing you must have in hand before doing all this is your Federal tax id number. You may be asking yourself, “When will I be receiving my Federal tax id after I send in the paperwork?”. That question is easily answered when you use the services of the IRS EIN Tax ID website.

What You Should Know

When you need to apply for a Federal tax id number, there are three simple steps to take on the website. You’ll choose what type of entity you’re needing the number for, fill out the paperwork, and then submit your application via the secure website. The application center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and does not shut down like the IRS site does.

Once this process is completed you’ll receive your tax id number typically within an hour of filling out the paperwork and sending it in via your email address. Once you’ve obtained the Federal tax id number, you’re good to start using it right away.

Safe, Easy and Quick

When you need your tax id number, you do not want to wait for days or weeks on end to get the number back. You need to get your business up and running. That’s why this site is a fantastic way to get the proper paperwork filled out and turned in securely to get your number within the same day. However, if you file the paperwork in the evening, you may find a slight delay of until the next day to get the tax id.

Take the hassle and stress out of applying for a tax id number by working with the friendly and experienced government assistants at the IRS-EIN tax id website.

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