KaratGold Coin: Cryptocurrency Based on Gold



The future of the financial world belongs to cryptocurrencies. The heavy crash of Bitcoin currency has made investors wary. However, there is no end in sight for investments in cryptocurrencies: investors have continued to pour vast sums into cryptocurrencies in 2018. In the meantime, there are numerous alternatives to conventional cryptocurrencies. The Karatgold Coin is one of them. It is coupled to gold and is most promising through its highly stable value. For this reason, it cannot be influenced by political decisions and crises. Since the European Central Bank reduced its key interest rate to almost zero, investors have been increasingly investing their capital in cryptocurrencies.

Gold for cryptocurrencies

Gold is a solid investment. It is considered an international means of payment. The current use of Karatgold Coins is promising thanks to its high reliability, easy use and worldwide availability. Transactions can be quickly processed. Gold-coupled cryptocurrencies such as Karatgold Coins can be exchanged for other currencies. Most of the current cryptocurrencies imply no real value: the purchase price is determined according to the principle of supply and demand. By their being coupled to gold, Karatgold Coins take into account the security needs of investors. Each Karatgold Coin represents a firmly-defined weight in gold and is redeemable for physical gold at your will.

KaratGold Coins – A proven method

Karatgold Coins are based on the principle of proven Blockchain technology. They are available on the usual cryptocurrency platforms, including Poloniex, Bitfinex and Bittrex. Investors who are interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies benefit from a real counter-value. Its coupling to gold prices satisfies the security needs of investors who have recently been unsettled by spectacular Bitcoin thefts and immense fluctuations in value. Karatgold Coins combine the advantages of gold with those of cryptocurrencies: investors’ security needs are met in spite of attractive return prospects. In the introductory phase, Karatgold Coins are available for only one US cent; later, their selling price will increase to eight US cents. Its further performance depends on the usual factors, in particular the price of gold and the principle of supply and demand. In total, there are 12 million coins in existence, the total volume of which is not expandable. Inflation is thus prohibited.

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