Why it’s Important to Stay Away from Unsecured Networks


One way hackers can exploit your privacy is by gaining access to photos or files that you do not want to be made public. They can use these photos of your children or loved ones in pictures they place on the internet. You can also lose financial information quite easily if a hacker has gotten access to your smartphone or tablet through an unsecure network. Protecting yourself is of the utmost priority. How can you do that? With the free antivirus app from AVG, you can keep your private information just that, private.

Unsecured Network Protection

The AVG app allows you to be protected from an unsecure Wi-Fi network. The app runs silently in the background and will scan the connection you’re considering joining before it connects. The app will make sure there are no weaknesses or problems that could cause hackers to gain easy access to your private information. It will also inspect for looks such as hackers sending you to another address to sign in. That one click and sign in could wreak havoc on your phone or information you have. By making sure that you’re protected before signing in, you can keep your confidential information and files from being taken advantage of.

Other Benefits

The AVG app does so much more than just protecting you on the Wi-Fi networks you use. The Android virus scan will make sure that you do not download any apps that have viruses, protect you from apps you may have already downloaded, and clean your smartphone from any virus or malware that may be present.

Learn who’s trying to pry into your phone when you’re not around with the Camera Trap feature or locate your lost phone via Google Maps. All of these and more await when you download the AVG antivirus app for free on any smartphone or tablet.

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