Awesome Money-Saving Travel Secrets



Going on vacation can be expensive. You may have avoided going away for quite some time. Many people think that they can’t afford to go on vacation, and so they don’t ever go. That means that those people are missing out on the world because of their bank balance. There is no need to let your finances hold you back when it comes to seeing the world. In fact, there are many ways you can save money on your travel and vacation expenses. Here are some awesome money-saving travel secrets.

Compare flight prices

When you decide to take a break, you likely go to the same airline website all the time. You might think that you know all the best budget airlines, but can you be sure that you’re getting the best price? Using a comparison site online will help you to find the best deal. You can compare foreign airlines and travel companies so that you can get the best deal to suit you. You can also save money if you are flexible on the dates you wish to travel.

Take some food on the plane

When you book with a budget airline, you won’t get a complimentary meal on the plane. You can buy food on the plane, but this will be expensive. Meals on planes tend to be much more expensive than you might imagine. The airline knows that you can’t go anywhere else for food once you are on the plane, and so they take advantage of that fact. Remember, you can take food on the plane. Many people think that airline staff will stop them taking food on-board. They won’t stop you taking food, but they won’t allow you to take drinks onto the plane. Make a lunch for your journey and avoid spending loads on airline meals.

Book your transfers in advance

The worst thing you can do is leave your transfers to chance. Many people just assume that they can get a cab or a bus from the airport to their hotel. People avoid booking transfers through their travel agent as they think that it will be expensive. If you don’t book your transfers in advance, though, you could end up paying loads of money for a cab.

Make your money work for you

Just as you should book your transfers in advance, you should also exchange your travel money in advance. The currency conversion stores at airports will never give you the best rate of exchange on your money. When you exchange your money at the airport, they will give you the lowest exchange rate. They may also ask for a fee when you exchange your money so that they can make a profit. That means that you are wasting money for no reason when you exchange it at the airport. Exchange your currency at baydonhill.com when you book your vacation. Making sure that you get the best exchange rate for your cash will mean that you have more money to spend on your getaway.

Never pay extra for your luggage

Traveling light is the best way to save money on your vacation. When you pay for extra luggage allowances through an airline, you are wasting money. Usually, the airline will allow you to take 15 kilos of hand luggage on the plane for free. You get 20-25 kilos if you pay for extra luggage. When people go away, they think that they need to take everything they own on vacation with them. Doing so is a huge mistake. Try and pack light so that you only need to take hand luggage. You can save loads of money when you take hand luggage rather than paying for extra luggage.

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