8 Quirky Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Online

Ever stumbled across an eBay auction for belly button fluff? If not, then you haven’t explored online shopping as much as you could. There are some truly odd things you can buy online, from celebrities to Federal Government metal detectors. Here are 8 quirky things you didn’t know you could buy online; get your credit card out, you know you’re going to want at least one.


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1. A celebrity

Ever wanted Pamela Anderson to be at your Birthday party? Well, thanks to the internet you can. There are many rent-a-celebrity companies out there that can provide you with the ultimate guest at your next event. These celebrities don’t come cheap though, so expect to pay thousands of dollars for a few hours of A-List time.


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2. An original 50s house

If your dream is to live in the 1950s, in a perfectly preserved house, then the internet has that! In fact, you can buy a home from pretty much any era on the internet; complete with all the original fixtures, fittings and furniture. Depending on the time and effort gone into preserving the home, and the rarity of the furniture, expect anything up to a couple of million dollars. If that’s a bit out of your budget then have a look on Etsy for some authentic vintage goodies.


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3. A mercenary autonomous paintball turret

The future of paintballing is here, with a fully automated robotic paintball gun. Even if you’re not a paintball fan, there are soon to be plenty of applications for this clever bit of kit. The computer that the turret sits on can be set up to recognise shapes, colors and movement. Although only available to fire paintballs at the moment, it won’t be long before 22lr ammo will come firing out of this thing. The ultimate in home security!


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4. A jetpack

If you see yourself as a bit of a superhero then you’re going to love this one. A fully operating, Iron Man style jet pack. So far there are two different models, both with excruciatingly high price tags. You also have to be fully trained and qualified before you’re allowed to buy one, as well. So, invest in some jetpack training and get yourself a gadget fit for a hero.


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5. Someone to stand in line for you

You hate queuing, but you want to be the first with the latest iPhone or the best tickets to go watch Justin Bieber live. Well, never fear, as you can buy someone to stand in line for you on the internet! You simply pay someone an hourly rate to stand in the queue and then come and take over whenever you’re ready. A perfect time-saving solution to all your queuing needs.


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6. A hover scooter

Effectively, a hoverboard, the levitating hover scooter is the future; nearly. Although it’s expensive and looks completely ridiculous, it does mean that you can reenact scenes from your favorite sci-fi films. It will set you back about $17,000, unless you want to build it yourself, and can travel around 15mph. We’re sold!


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7. Uranium

If high up on your wishlist is an incredibly dangerous, highly radioactive material then the internet had come up trumps for you. Less than $200 will get you a chunk of the stuff that has destroyed towns and featured in many supervillains plans to conquer the world. Apparently, there are no laws against buying Uranium from certain online stores, although it seems that most of these online stores have sold out. Scary stuff.


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8. Federal Government metal detectors

Finally, if you’re planning on setting up the best home security system ever, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Federal Government will let you buy their old metal detectors. Last year, the Federal Government auctioned off some of their old stuff, including metal detectors, x-ray machines and mercury detectors. Everything you need to set up your own super spy agency.

We could go on all day about the weird and wonderful things the internet has to offer, but we think these 8 will do for now. If you’re ever stuck for present ideas then perhaps there will be something here for your loved one; a jetpack perhaps?

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