2017s Best Selling Cars


There are so many makes and models unveiled by car manufacturers that it’s sometimes hard to know where to even start when shopping for a new car. One place to start might be to check out what everyone else is buying. Various organizations rank the most popular selling cars annually. Many even keep track of sales for popular models each month. Based on that data, you might be surprised to know what everyone else out there is buying.

Cars.com reports that the Nissan Rogue is the best selling passenger car of the year, so far. With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at just $23,000, it’s an affordable small SUV that delivers on quality and convenience. There are 12 trim levels that increase the price from the base model but all get respectable gas mileage of 29 miles per gallon. There is seating for either five passengers or seven if you opt for the trim package that includes a third row. Some of the Cars.com team’s favorite things about the vehicle include the cargo organization feature, smooth ride, quality of cabin materials and the 360 degree camera system that sees everything around the vehicle.

Kelley Blue Book claims the best selling vehicles so far in 2017 are the Ford F Series trucks. More than 820,000 2017 trucks have been sold since their release in 2016, and incredible manufacturer incentives are thought to be contributing to the truck’s popularity. Ford has been an American icon for decades, however, and there are many diehard loyalists that would drive nothing but a Ford truck. Cars.com reports that the Ford F-150 MSRP starts at $27,000 but can quickly rise to more than $63,000 depending on the options and trim packages consumers choose.

Forbes magazine claims the Toyota Corolla earns the spot as the best selling car in the world with more than 1 million vehicles sold. The vehicle is incredibly affordable with the 2017 MSRP price starting at just $18,000. The vehicle gets an impressive 30-34 miles per gallon of gas and it’s small size makes it an ideal choice for cities with congested traffic or tight parking spaces. There are eight trim levels available from which consumers can choose with all the modern bells and whistles included in the higher end packages.

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